Policy SA-PO-1300: Standards of Student Conduct- Online Misconduct

Radford University

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Students are cautioned that they can be subject to the student conduct system for behavior occurring online, such as harassment delivered by email, or acts of bullying or discrimination posted in video form or on gossip sites accessed through University computing resources. Students must also be aware that information posted to blogs, webpages, social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, or other online postings are in the public sphere and are not private. These postings can subject a student to allegations of Standards violations, if information supporting the existence of a Standards violation is posted online. Posting of indecent behavior (defined at Section 4.D.27.) on social media or using social media to bully another person is online misconduct. Transmitting images of indecent behavior or bullying via electronic media (e.g. email, text) is also online misconduct.