Time, Place and Manner (Interim): Posting and Chalking

Sonoma State University

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Posting Procedures

Time: All posters, flyers, banners and signs must include a statement of non-affiliation with Sonoma State University to receive a date stamp at Division of Student Affairs. For special dated events, an expiration date of 48 hours following the event will be noted on the poster/flyer/banner. For general information (club meetings, department announcements, etc.), an expiration date of one month from the time of stamping will be noted on the poster/flyer/banner. The stamp does not regulate the content of the flier nor the actions and opinions of the entity seeking approval and does NOT necessarily reflect those of the students, faculty, or administration of Sonoma State University.

Place: General Use Bulletin Boards: Posting is permitted on any "General Use Bulletin Board."...General use bulletin boards may be completely cleared off once a quarter by representatives of the campus administration. The following criteria apply to all materials posted on general use bulletin boards: Posters/flyers must not exceed 11" x 17" and only one poster per group/individual may be placed on general use bulletin boards. Material may not overlap other approved posters/flyers and must be fastened with tacks or staples - NO TAPE may be used.


Manner: Only organizations currently chartered with the Division of Student Affairs, committees, colleges and departments are allowed to publicize on campus providing they comply with the procedures established by the Division of Student Affairs. A SSU ID card, along with the telephone and/or email of the contact person responsible for posted material by any group, must be presented to Division of Student Affairs prior to posting.

All printed advertisements, announcements, and signs must be identified with the following for the material to be stamped by the Division of Student Affairs:

The sponsoring campus group, organization, committee, or department, if any, should be pre- printed on front of the flyer, but at a minimum, a statement of non-affiliation must appear on the front of the flyer.