Sign/Flyer/Poster Policy and Approval Form

Southeastern Louisiana University

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A copy of all signs, flyers, posters, notices and/or advertisements (other than those through the student newspaper and/or athletic programs) for the University community must be presented to the Dean of Students, in room 2409 of the Student Union, as appropriate for display, for approval.

The posting of signs, notices, and/or advertisements on other than University bulletin boards by individuals and/or organizations is PROHIBITED. ... Display of sexually suggestive objects or pictures and/or discriminatory portrayal of individuals are not allowed. ... Advertisements/flyers may not, under any circumstances, be placed on automobile windshields or indiscriminately handed out to passers-by. ... Authorized signs, once approved, will be allowed 2 days prior to the event, the day(s) of the event, and must be removed the day after the event, even if the event is a weekly occurrence. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in loss of future sign privileges.