University Policy on Public Speech, Assembly, and Demonstrations

Southeastern Louisiana University

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    Protest and Demonstration Policies
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Southeastern has designated the following sites as preferred locations for public discussion and/or peaceful public assembly or demonstration: (1) Student Union Annex; (2) Student Union Plaza; and, (3) the grassy area of Friendship Circle. Although other campus locations may be available for public speech and assemblies by students without prior administrative approval, these locations are recommended due to the high volume of student traffic.

Groups and organizations who choose to engage in expressive activity outside of one of the preferred locations may be asked to re-locate should the expressive activity interfere with normal operations of the university.

Students, faculty, and staff may use these areas of campus without prior permission from the University as long as: (1) The area has not been previously reserved or scheduled for a particular activity; (2) No sound amplification is used; and, (3) Participants do not violate university policies.

Although faculty, staff, and students are permitted to assemble and engage in expressive activity without obtaining prior permission, registration with the Office of the Dean of Students is encouraged to ensure adequate arrangements and minimize possible scheduling conflicts.