Student Conduct Code: Standards of Conduct

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

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Relevant Excerpt

4. Bullying and Cyberbullying
Bullying and cyberbullying are repeated and/or alarming, severe aggressive behaviors that intimidate or intentionally harm or control another person physically or emotionally and are not protected by freedom of expression.


15. Harassment
Intentional conduct, without a legitimate purpose, which both causes a person distress or fear and would cause a reasonable person distress or fear. No threat or overt act of violence is required for conduct to be unreasonable. This includes use of technology, including to intimidate, embarrass, ridicule or humiliate another person.


24. Threatening Behaviors
A. Threat – Written or verbal conduct that causes a reasonable expectation of injury to the health or safety of any person or damage to any property, including bomb threats or other false alarms.
B. Intimidation or Obstruction – Implied threats or acts that cause a reasonable fear of harm in another or any act which limits any person’s attendance or participation in any academic activity, employment, or University event or function.