Acceptable Usage Standards of Computing and Communication Technology

Stockton University

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Computing and communication technology is not to be used for the preparation or transmission of commercial or personal advertisements, non-University solicitations or promotions, personal monetary gain, unsolicited mass mailings, or for political or religious purposes.


Users shall not create, use, view, transmit, or store materials using the University’s computing and communication facilities that violates civil or criminal law.

Discussion - Censorship is not compatible with the values of Stockton University; however, some computers may be dedicated to specific research or teaching missions that limit their use. The University does not limit access to any information based on its content when it meets the standard of legality, and is viewed in a proper time, place, and manner.

Examples of inappropriate use include, but are not limited to: creation, possession, distribution, or transmission of material that is offensive, violent, constitutes child pornography; is obscene or sexually explicit and is unrelated to University-sanctioned work functions or scholarship; annoying or harassing communications (as defined by law); user’s participation in, or facilitation of, communications in furtherance of illegal activities; or other material that violates local, State or Federal law.