Standards of Practice: Student Organization Recognition & Registration- Event Planning & Event Management

Stockton University

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All paperwork should be completed at least three weeks prior to the date of the event so that appropriate arrangements may be made. Large scale events may require additional time to complete the facility / resource review and scheduling process. For events which are new, or determined to be high risk by Stockton University, space reservations will be listed as tentative until the leadership of the sponsoring organization completes all planning and information gathering meetings as requested by Stockton University.  The Office of Student Development may decide to execute a “lottery” for events requesting historically popular dates, i.e., dances.


It is important to remember that space includes all Stockton University property, not just rooms in buildings. Thus, organized activities that require plazas, galleries, classrooms, athletic facilities, etc., must also be requested through the above procedures with the Office of Student Development.