Student Conduct Code: Rules and Regulations

Temple University

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Relevant Excerpt

Bias-related Intimidation or Harassment. Conduct (including any gesture, written, verbal or physical act), or any electronic communication (which includes, but is not limited to, e-mail, text messaging, and internet posting on web-sites or other social media) that is directed by the Respondent at a person or group and is actually motivated, or reasonably perceived as being motivated, by another person’s or group’s actual or perceived membership in a “Protected Category,” and that a reasonable person under the circumstances should have known that their actions will:

a. Inflict physical harm, or severe or pervasive emotional distress upon a student, or
b. Damage a student’s and/or the university’s property, or
c. Place a student in reasonable apprehension of such physical, emotional, or property harm, or
d. Cause substantial disruption in or interference with the orderly operation of the University, or
e. Create a hostile educational environment by severely and pervasively infringing on the rights of one or more students and substantially interfering with one or more students’ education.