Student Rules: Appendix XI- Rules on Freedom of Expression

Texas A&M University - College Station

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As a public institution of higher learning, Texas A&M University provides forums for the expression of ideas and opinions. These include:

  • Traditional public forums include the University’s public streets, sidewalks, parks, and similar common areas. These areas are generally available for expressive activity, planned or spontaneous, for the individual or small groups (generally where a crowd of 25 or less will be present, and/or where an event is not promoted in advance, and/or when an event is not sponsored by a student organization) at any time without the need for reservation, or prior approval. (Obstructing or impeding the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic is prohibited.)


Rudder Fountain Area, Lawrence Sullivan Ross Statue Area, and the West Mall Area are reservable free speech areas and will be reserved at the request of students and non-students for expressive activity. The act of confirming a reservation will ensure the availability of space. A reservation is not required, except as described in section III. ... In an effort to ensure safety and to promote an environment conducive to study, advanced reservation for expressive activity is required (in the form of an approved Reservation Request for Space) for events or activities that are promoted in advance, and/or sponsored by student organizations, and/or expected to draw a crowd of more than 25 people. Advance reservation is also required for activities near intersections, and/or in close proximity to academic buildings anytime classes, and/or study activities, and/or research are taking place.