Student Handbook: Free Speech and Assembly Policy

Troy University

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[S]tudents, administrators, faculty, and staff are free to take positions on public controversies and to engage in protected expressive activity in outdoor areas of the campus, and to spontaneously and contemporaneously assemble, speak, and
distribute literature.


Outdoor Forums. Nothing in this section shall be interpreted to limit a student’s right to free expression elsewhere on campus so long as the expressive activities or related conduct do not violate any other applicable university policies.
1. An outdoor forum area is designated in the Quadrangle area adjacent to the student center on the Troy campus.
2. An outdoor forum area is designated in the Quadrangle area between the three main campus buildings on the Dothan campus.
3. An outdoor forum area is designated on the south side of the Riverfront Building on the Phenix City campus.
4. An outdoor forum area is designated on the paved walkway to the west of the main entrance to Bartlett Hall on the Montgomery campus.
The University reserves the right to define, redefine or re-designate outdoor forum locations at its sole discretion.
These forum areas provide an area for free exchange of ideas and do not have to be pre- scheduled, However, sponsors/participants are encouraged to schedule with the Dean of Students to minimize possible conflict


Campus large scale events defined as events attracting 50 or more people require coordination with either the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (for academic events) or Dean of Students (for student organizations) for speaking events or demonstrations outside the outdoor forum.


Students, employees and sponsoring organizations may distribute literature on campus grounds.