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By using Tulane's computing, networking and communications infrastructure, each person agrees that information they post on or distribute through the systems or network contains: no illegally obscene material; no child pornography; no material which constitutes libel, slander or invasion of privacy or publicity rights; no violation of copyrights or trademarks; no incitement to riot or violence; no violation of University policies and regulations; and no violation of federal, state or local law.


Responsible use of computing and networking. 

You agree not to obstruct any others' work by using unnecessarily large amounts of network resources (such as bandwidth and storage space) or deliberately acting in a manner that will cause harm to the network. For example, regarding spam or bulk email, it constitutes a violation of this policy to create or knowingly disseminate unwanted and unsolicited emails or materials (spam) in such a large volume that it tends to disrupt the proper functioning of university information technology resources or individuals’ ability to use such resources.