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The purpose of this policy is to respect the Campus Community’s rights to free speech and expressive activity within public and designated public forums, while preserving public health, safety, and welfare; the normal business uses of the campus; and the rights of others to legitimately use and enjoy the campus.


K. Regulations for Scheduling Outdoor Activity Space, Including the University Mall


Because of size, safety, logistics, and other considerations, "Planned Demonstrations" must be scheduled in advance. Users must schedule such events with the Arizona Student Unions Campus Use and Mall Scheduling Office at least 10 working days in advance. This does not apply to spontaneous demonstrations for which there is no prior promotion or organization or where events do not allow at least ten (10) working days' advance notice. In such situations, as much prior notice as possible must be provided to the Arizona Student Unions Campus Use and Mall Scheduling Office and/or the Dean of Students Office. The University will attempt to accommodate such spontaneous demonstrations subject to adequate space and resource availability. Staff will accommodate spontaneous demonstrations in areas which have not been reserved that day by other organizations and where the presence of the demonstration will not be disruptive to other groups which have reserved space in the same area.