UIC Policy on Open Expression Procedures

University of Illinois Chicago

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"Organized Public Speech" shall mean the organized effort of two or more individuals or a group to convey a specific message(s) and shall not encompass general conversation between or among individuals or groups.


Reservations for space in the Centers and outdoor space are made through the Office of Meetings and Conferences. Space should be reserved at least 48 hours in advance of the event. Requests for activities (i.e. Take Back the Night) which may occur during evening hours are reserved through the Office of Meetings and Conferences.

Individuals who have not reserved space for their activity must register at the information desks at the Student Center Building Management Office for the side of campus where their activity will take place. The Student Center East (SCE) office is on the north side of the east entrance to the building. The Student Center West (SCW) office is in the center of the lobby just off the south entrance to the building. The registration must be completed prior to engaging in the activity.

Outdoor Space - There are several outdoor locations that can be utilized for open expression activities and must be reserved in advance in order to ensure that the space is available, such as the Lecture Center Plaza, University Hall Plaza, Harrison Field, and Arthington Mall in front of Student Center West. Reservations for outdoor space should be made at least one week in advance of the event if it is anticipated that the University will need to prepare for the activity.


In planning an organized public speech activity, the organizers and participants must: ... Reserve a location with the Office of Meetings and Conferences for the event. The reservation for space will be tentative until the organizers have met with the Dean of Students. Reservations will be granted on a viewpoint neutral basis subject to availability of the space and the individual(s) with the tentative reservation shall have priority over others who attempt to use the space at the same time to the extent the events cannot be conducted simultaneously.