Student Handbook: Demonstration/Expressive Activity By Members of University Community

University of Mary Washington

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    Protest and Demonstration Policies
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For the purpose of implementation, expressive activity shall refer to all demonstrations, protests, marches, rallies, leaflet distribution or other activity involving the public display of expression by a group or multiple groups.

Procedures: All University property is intended primarily for use by students, faculty, and staff in their efforts to advance the educational mission of the University. Consistent with that mission, most outdoor areas of campus represent a limited public forum for speech and other expressive activities by members of the University community. The indoor facilities on campus are typically dedicated to particular academic or administrative purposes and may be used for expressive activity only to the extent that such activity does not unreasonably interfere with the intended purpose of the facilities.

All organizers are encouraged to provide advance notice to the University Police prior to commencement of an expressive activity in order to promote the safety and security of all individuals on campus. To be useful, advance notification must include the day, time, and location where the demonstration or other expressive activity is expected to begin as well as the full name and detailed contact information for the primary organizer and/or person responsible for the activity.