BF4022: Access to and Use of Campus Property and Facilities: Bulletin Boards/Posting

University of Memphis

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Bulletin Boards/Posting

a. University may establish bulletin boards or approved areas for posting for specific uses and/or entities,
b. University may identify individual boards/areas and specify or limit the authorized uses and/or entities for such boards/areas as well as the types of materials which may be posted on a board or area, the maximum size and duration of any notice, and any other special conditions on use,
c. Such limits shall be conspicuously posted on each board or posting area, and shall control the use of the board when posted,
d. University requires prior approval for the use of any or all bulletin boards or posting areas on campus, and if required, the name of the official authorized to approve use of the board shall be posted on the board. Use of a board may be denied on the basis of one or more of the following:
(i) The person or group is not authorized to use the board in question;
(ii) The material is not the type authorized for the board in question, or fails to meet any special conditions as posted on the board;
(iii) The material is obscene or otherwise violates any federal or state law or regulation of University; or
(iv) There is insufficient space available for the material on the board in question due to the previous posting of other materials,
e. Areas not specifically identified and/or authorized for posting are not available for such purpose for any individual or entity, whether affiliated or unaffiliated,
f. Exceptions to this policy can be made upon approval of the Chief Financial Officer.