Guidelines for Posting Flyers, Posters, and Other Related Items on University Property

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

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    Posting and Distribution Policies
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Flyers, posters, etc., may be placed only on the round concrete kiosks specifically designed for the posting of such items (see photo), but not on the top metal cap. Therefore flyers, posters, etc., may not be posted, stapled or taped on: 

  • the exterior of buildings, either on glass of doors and windows, or on masonry, metal, wood or other exterior building material; 
  • trees or other landscape vegetation; or 
  • sidewalks, seatwalls, benches, light poles, emergency phones, trash receptacles, triangular Diag boards, or any other outdoor furniture or feature, including public art. Taping flyers on sidewalks creates a slipping hazard.


The round concrete kiosks will be cleaned off by U-M Grounds staff when papers get too thick and start peeling off, and at a minimum at the end of each term. 

Flyers placed on other elements of campus, including on buildings and sidewalks, will be removed by U-M Grounds staff without notice.