Standard Practice Guide Policies: Responsible Use of Information Resources

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

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The rights to freedom of thought, inquiry and expression, as defined in Freedom of Speech and Artistic Expression (SPG 601.01), are paramount values of the university community. The university's commitment to the principles of open expression extends to and includes the Internet and information technology environments. In general, the University cannot and does not wish to be the arbiter of the contents of electronic communications. Neither can the University always protect users from receiving electronic messages they might find offensive.

It is the policy of the university to maintain access to local, national, and global sources of information and to facilitate an open culture that encourages vigorous exchange of ideas, including ideas that may be controversial or contain content that may be perceived by some as offensive. In general, no conditions or restrictions should be imposed upon access to and use of information technologies more stringent than limits that have been deemed acceptable for the use of traditional channels of communication.


The University of Michigan aspires to a high standard of digital citizenship for all its members. Members of the university community agree to abide by the following norms of behavior with regard to technology use:


Comply with all federal, State of Michigan, and other applicable laws, regulations, contracts—including university or third party copyright, patents, trademarks, software license agreements, and university policies regarding electronic communications, protection of institutional data, and operation of information technology resources.