The University of Michigan Interim Policy On Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct: Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct

University of Michigan - Dearborn

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Relevant Excerpt

Sexual Harassment is any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature, whether verbal, graphic (e.g., pictures and videos), physical, or otherwise, when: … Such conduct creates a hostile environment. Behavior creates a hostile environment when it is sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive that it interferes with a REASONABLE PERSON’S participation in a University PROGRAM OR ACTIVITY. To create a hostile environment, behavior must be deemed severe, persistent, or pervasive from both a subjective and an objective perspective. In evaluating whether a hostile environment exists, the University will consider the totality of known circumstances, including the nature, frequency, intensity, location, context, and duration of the behavior. Although a hostile environment is generally created through a series of incidents, for purposes of this Policy, a single severe incident can be sufficient to constitute a hostile environment. It is important to note that not all unwelcome conduct or speech of a sexual nature creates a hostile environment.

Examples of conduct that may constitute Sexual Harassment include but are not limited to: … Unwanted written, verbal, or electronic statements of a sexual nature, including sexually suggestive comments, jokes, or innuendos; …