Free Inquiry, Expression, and Assembly for Individual Students and Registered Student Organizations

University of Mississippi

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This policy is intended to promote and facilitate free speech by students and Registered Student Organizations (“RSO”), without interfering with the University’s educational, research and service missions or infringing upon the rights of others. Nothing in this policy authorizes the University to regulate the content or viewpoint of speech. Nothing in this policy is intended to prohibit the exercise of free speech otherwise permitted by law.


To facilitate robust debate and the free exchange of ideas, students and RSO’s may use publicly accessible areas of campus for their individual, spontaneous free speech.


A student or RSO who seeks to sponsor or engage in free speech in either an outdoor area of campus or in or on University property are encouraged to contact OMSU if the student or RSO is planning or organizing the event in advance. OMSU will determine whether one or more of the following content and viewpoint neutral circumstances exist that may require registration of the event: (i) more than 50 individuals are expected to attend the event, (ii) the event will be open to off-campus guests, (iii) crowd control or event security may be required, (iv) the event will be in or near an area or University property where classroom instruction, exams, study sessions, laboratory work, research, University operations or a University-sponsored event may be in progress, or (v) alcohol beverages may be present at the event, to the extent allowed by law and University policy.