Policy on the Use of University Facilities and Grounds

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

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While UNL property is not open to unrestricted public access, many spaces are available for use by faculty and staff, students, student groups, and members of the public, with appropriate approval and when scheduled in advance.


Designated Public Forums

These are places the campus designates as open for expressive applications to all or part of the campus community, or the community at large. Reasonable time, place and manner restrictions may be implemented in a viewpoint or content-neutral application. UNL has identified Memorial Plaza to the north of the Nebraska Union and Legacy Plaza to the south of the Nebraska East Union as the only designated public forums on campus.

Limited Public Forums

These are places (such as a concert hall), events (such as a student panel discussion on Literature of the Plains), or other avenues for expression (such as an electronic bulletin board), which can be designated for use by a particular group and limited to particular topics or types of speech, as long as the limitations are reasonable and viewpoint-neutral.


While outdoor spaces are broadly available only to members of the campus community for events and activities, including spontaneous peaceful and nondisruptive expressions, scheduling in advance is recommended. Certain outdoor spaces have been identified as either a designated public forum or limited public forum where events may be hosted (See corresponding map). Use of all limited public forum outdoor spaces by groups require the completion and approval of the reservation request and all necessary paperwork.