Student Handbook: Free Speech and Assembly

University of North Alabama

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Reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions will be enforced. However, the enforcement will not depend, in any way, on the subject matter involved in an expressive activity. It is strongly suggested that all activities be registered with the appropriate office based on the building you are intending to reserve in advance in order to make adequate arrangements for safety and security and to insure the space desired is available. Information can be found at Office of University Center Operations and Event Management located in GUC 107.

The University of North Alabama provides forums for the expression of ideas and opinions, such as the following:

1. Traditional public forums include the university's public streets, sidewalks, parks, and similar common areas such as the grass and sidewalk around the Amphitheater. These areas are generally available for non-amplified expressive activity, planned or spontaneous, for the individual or small group at any time without the need for reservation or prior approval, unless the space is already scheduled.