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University of North Carolina - Asheville

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The University of North Carolina at Asheville (UNC Asheville) strives to create an open  marketplace of ideas and places a high value on constitutionally-protected freedom of speech,  assembly and petition.

Use of any University space, including assemblies and petitioning, may not interfere with,  inhibit or substantially disrupt University operations or activities. 

Persons shall not engage in unlawful speech or conduct, such as true threats or harassment. 

University groups may conduct activities/assemblies without prior approval at any University  space location provided the activity/assembly aligns with the applicable requirements in sections  III and IV, the space does not require reservation, and is not otherwise reserved or prioritized.  However, the University encourages University groups to reserve University space in order to  ensure the space is available for their use, and to support appropriate space scheduling. 

As a general matter, any University group or University-affiliated individual may use the  publicly available outdoor areas of the campus for expressive activities without prior  reservations, so long as it does not attract more than 100 attendees or cause a material and  substantial disruption to university functions or activities. Regardless of whether a space  requires reservation, members of the University community are encouraged make reservations  for the use of space through the appropriate area/space coordinator.