Use of University Space: Reasonable security costs

University of North Carolina - Asheville

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University space users (and/or their University group sponsor, if the user is a sponsored non University group), are responsible for the payment or reimbursement of any applicable fees or  costs assessed as a result of the space use, unless waived by the University. Fees or costs may be  applied to cover, among other items, the use of a specific space, University facility operations  assistance (e.g. tables/chairs/tents/set-up/take-down and technical/AV support), University provided materials and supplies, breakage or cleaning requirements, and University police or  private security required to support the space use. Reasonable security costs may be imposed  based on the particular anticipated needs of the event to ensure the safety and security of all  parties. Security cost assessments are guided by content-neutral, narrowly drawn, reasonable and  definite standards, as detailed below.

The university may only require security costs to be paid by the event sponsor when a proposed  event presents a specific, substantial, and objectively identifiable risk to the health and safety of  the sponsor, the university community, or the public. In determining whether such costs shall be imposed, the university shall objectively consider, in consultation with the event sponsor:

  1. The number of anticipated participants; 
  2. Maximum occupancy requirements; 
  3. Whether the event is open to the entire university community or restricted to guests of the  Sponsor;
  4. The facility or outdoor space to be used for the event; 
  5. The time of day during which the event will occur; 
  6. Whether the proposed event involves activity that poses an inherent risk of personal injury or  property damage; 
  7. Whether alcoholic beverages will be served; and 
  8. Presence of private security for the speaker. 

In determining whether security costs shall be imposed, and the amount of any such costs, the university may not consider the content or viewpoint of the speech expressed or intended to be expressed by the sponsor, speakers, guests, or attendees. Costs associated with or incurred as a  result of anticipated or actual reactions to the event by non-participants shall not be imposed on  the sponsor.

The university shall notify the sponsor of any decision to impose security costs for an event in  writing. The notification must clearly state and explain the reasons that such costs have been  imposed. Any decision to impose security costs may be appealed by filing an appeal in writing  with the UNC Asheville officer identified with responsibility for ensuring compliance with UNC  Policy 1300.8