Policies and Regulations: Freedom of Expression in Outdoor Areas of Campus

University of North Florida

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C. "Outdoor areas of campus" means generally accessible areas of the University's campus in which members of the campus community are commonly allowed, including grassy areas, walkways, or other similar common areas. The term does not include outdoor areas of campus to which access is restricted. Outdoor areas of campus specifically do not include any buildings or other indoor facilities.


Outdoor areas of campus are traditional public forums for individuals, organizations and guest speakers to engage in expressive activities subject to reasonable content-neutral time, place and manner restrictions. Accordingly, consistent with the definitions and other portions of this regulation, persons or groups wishing to engage in expressive activities in outdoor areas of campus may do so freely, spontaneously, and contemporaneously as long as the person's conduct is lawful and does not materially and substantially disrupt University's academic mission, its administrative functioning or infringe upon the rights of other individuals to engage in expressive activities. Use of outdoor areas must also be consistent with all other University regulations and policies including, but not limited to the regulations and policies governing commercial speech and activity, distribution of written materials, and use of facilities.


Large groups, more than fifty (50) people, who desire to schedule an event to engage in expressive activities has the potential of causing material or substantial disruption because of the potential for increased noise levels. As with the use of amplified sound, the group, or its representative, should complete the Event Approval Form and submit it to the Director of the Student Union. The Event organizer will be informed whether the event can proceed at the date and time desired or whether alternative locations on campus or alternative times for the event are necessary.