Housing and Residence Life Handbook: Southern Miss Standard

University of Southern Mississippi

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    Policies on Tolerance, Respect, and Civility
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Relevant Excerpt

The Southern Miss Standard was developed to embody the values we hope residents possess. At the same time, the university is strongly committed to freedom of expression. Consequently, these principles do not constitute university policy and are not intended to interfere in any way with a resident’s personal freedoms. We hope, however, that residents will voluntarily endorse these common principles, thereby contributing to the traditions and scholarly heritage left by those who preceded them, and will thus leave Southern Miss a better place for those who follow. We encourage residents to demonstrate respect, integrity and compassion in every facet of their university lives, thus ensuring the success of each resident. Our community will be our strength as each resident values and appreciates scholarship, service and involvement, and assumes an active role in our society.

Implicit within the Southern Miss Standard is
• A respect for the hall environment and university property;
• A respect for language that is appropriate, never obscene, and neither demeans nor intimidates;
• A respect for the level of noise at all times and an understanding of how personal noise levels affect others in the community;
• A respect for the academic community and a commitment to the academic principles of scholarly study and class attendance;
• A respect for the differences that exist among residents and a commitment to know the members of the floor/hall;
• A respect for the staff of the hall and compliance with all policies and procedures;
• A respect and adherence to the principles of truth and honesty;
• A respect for all safety measures and the adherence to safety practices; and
• A commitment to refrain from violence when addressing conflict at Southern Miss.