Policy Library: Reservation and Use of Space

Virginia Commonwealth University

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The university is committed to creating an environment that fosters the exercise of protected speech and other expressive activity on university property while maintaining an atmosphere free of disruption to the mission of the university. It recognizes that the free expression of ideas and open inquiry are essential in fulfilling its academic mission by embracing rigorous open discourse, argumentation, speaking, listening, learning and the exploration of ideas. 


Any university student or employee may generally use campus spaces in accordance with university policy.


Advance notice and written authorization are required only for Major Events and Event Reservations, as described below.


a. Expected attendance over 150 persons unless the approved seated occupancy load of the space is greater than 150 persons, in which case any of the other factors render event a Major Event;
b. Setting with safety concerns (including time and location) based on assessment from the VCU Police;
c. The event is a dance or concert, regardless of how many attendees;
d. Presence of any object or substance requiring review by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, including but not limited to any animal, open flame, firework, pyrotechnic, or other flammable or hazardous item;
e. Installation of any structure, such as a tent, stage, scaffold, bleacher, bounce house, or carnival-style ride;
f. Alcohol served; or
g. Outdoor amplified sound, including but not limited to bullhorns, Bluetooth speakers, etc.


Consistent with lawful protection of expressive activity, VCU will not charge security-related fees based on the content of the expressive activity, the likelihood of disruption caused by others than event attendees, or the actions of those who may protest the expressive activity.