University Facilities Use Policy

Washington and Lee University

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This Policy is intended to set forth the processes, procedures, and requirements for the use of University Facilities and to facilitate the efficient, safe, and orderly use of such facilities and grounds, consistent with the University's educational mission.


Major Event means any Event where one or more of the following applies: ... The Event is likely to interfere with other University business, functions, and/or activities; ...


Requests made by an Internal Group or a Sponsored Group to use University Facilities for Major Events must be made at least four (4) weeks prior to the date of the Major Event.


The facility usage fees for University Facilities will vary by the specific Facility being used. Internal Groups and Sponsored Groups will not generally be charged a facility usage fee, but may be responsible for other costs associated with the Event, as determined by the University in its sole discretion.


For University-Affiliated Groups and Sponsored Groups, the Director of Public Safety will determine how any costs associated with parking attendants and/or security will be allocated, in his/her sole discretion.