E-mail from MSOE Student Government Association Official to RJCF Advisor, March 30, 2005

March 30, 2005

From: [SGA Official NAME REDACTED]
To: [Daphne Wilson]
Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 03:46PM
Subject: SGA’s Suggestion Bylaw Revision – ReJOYce

Ms. Wilson,

First, I would like clarify the different between article V of your constitution and the SGA suggestion. The main difference is that the Suggestion makes it more clear how the standard set forth in the article will be measured. It also makes room for the possibility that there is more than one interpretation of the scripture that the article quotes. It allows members to “abjure and refrain” from the behaviors that you find to be out of line with your beliefs, which allows anyone to be a voting member of your organization as long as they follow those guidelines while they are a voting member.

If ReJOYce disagrees with SGA’s suggestion, the best scenario would be for ReJOYce to create language similar to that which is contained in our recommendation. If ReJOYce chooses to make no changes to its bylaws, then I feel full organizational status will be very difficult to attain. It isn’t my place to say definitively that ReJOYce would be approved or denied,because that depends on a vote of the SGA Senate.

However, it is my opinion that the Senate will not look favorably on your organization doing nothing to remedy the situation.

I was also interested to know whether you are to be SGA’s main contact with ReJOYce. We have yet to hear from the President of Vice-President of the organization, as it is not customary for SGA to deal so closely with adviser. Since this is to be a student lead organization, it would be beneficial to both ReJOYce’s leaders and SGA that a relationship begin to form with your student leaders, as well.

I look forward to ReJOYce attaining full status, but I feel that it is necessary that these very important changes to your bylaws are made.



Milwaukee School Of Engineering

Student Government Association



From: [Daphne Wilson]
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 11:02 PM
Subject: SGA’s Suggestion Bylaw Revision – ReJOYce

This is a request for clarification of SGA’s suggested revision of Article V of ReJOYce’s bylaws. From SGA’s point of view,please state SGA’s understanding of the differences between Article V of our bylaws and SGA’s suggestion.

If ReJOYce disagrees with SGA’s suggested revision, will ReJOYce be denied full organizational status from SGA?

Daphne M. Wilson
ReJOYce in Jesus Campus Fellowship

Alumni Advisor

Schools:  Milwaukee School of Engineering

Cases:  Milwaukee School of Engineering: Threat to Christian Group’s Freedom of Association