Campus Free Speech Statutes

Enacted Campus Free Speech Statutes – Louisiana

In 2018, Louisiana enacted SB 364, now La. Stat. Ann. § 17:3399.31 through § 17:3399.37.

SB 364 Summary

SB 364 is a bill that prohibits public colleges and universities from quarantining student expression to misleadingly labeled “free speech zones” and provides protections for belief-based student organizations.

Key Provisions

  • Prohibits public institutions of higher education from quarantining speech to “free speech zones”;
  • Ensures that belief-based organizations are not discriminated against based on any requirement that the leaders or members of the organization affirm the organization’s sincerely-held beliefs and complies with the organization’s standards of conduct; and
  • Requires public colleges and universities to annually submit a report to the legislature and governor regarding any “barriers to or incidents against free expression” that occurred at the institution.

FIRE Commentary

Louisiana governor signs campus free speech bill into law; law needs technical improvement