Expelled St. Joseph’s Student Alleges Discrimination Based on His Sex

July 12, 2013

Earlier this week, former St. Joseph’s University student Brian Harris filed a lawsuit against the university, alleging that it violated Title IX by expelling him after a disciplinary hearing that he argues failed to afford him due process and is designed to find male students accused of sexual assault guilty. KC Johnson reviewed some of the deficiencies in St. Joseph’s judicial process on Minding the Campus yesterday:

Horst filed a complaint through what passes for St. Joseph’s judicial process—in which, according to the university’s own wording, "civil or criminal rules of procedure and evidence do not apply," hearsay is allowed, the accused student doesn’t have a right to cross-examine any witnesses or to be represented by counsel, and the preponderance of evidence standard is employed.

According to Johnson, “St. Joe’s thus far has declined comment.”

Johnson promises to follow up on yesterday’s post with updates, and readers can find more details about the case on Bloomberg.com.