FIRE Lights ‘The Torch’; Official Blog Gives FIRE Daily Presence in Campus Debate

PHILADELPHIA, February 8, 2005—The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has taken the next step forward in its mission to defend individual liberty in higher education. Today, FIRE launches its much-anticipated weblog, The Torch, at Newsdesk. The Torch will be a forum for FIRE contributors, including FIRE Cofounders Alan Charles Kors and Harvey Silverglate, to comment on administrative abuse, campus trends, misunderstandings of the law, and many other issues related to individual rights in higher education.

“FIRE faces an increasing number of inquiries and case submissions and has long needed a mechanism for addressing the full range of issues within our mission,” remarked FIRE President David French. “The Torch gives FIRE a daily presence in the debate over academic freedom and individual liberty on our nation’s campuses.”

Regular contributors to The Torch will include French as well as Chairman Alan Charles Kors, Vice Chairman Harvey Silverglate, Director of Legal and Public Advocacy Greg Lukianoff, and others. Together, these individuals share more than 25 years of experience advocating for liberty and individual rights on America’s college campuses.

“We’ve eagerly been anticipating the start of our blog,” added Lukianoff. “We hope that The Torch will become daily reading for the academic community and for those who care about individual liberty.”

The Torch can be viewed at Newsdesk. Blog readers are welcome to submit comments via email to

David French, President, FIRE: 215-717-3473;
Greg Lukianoff, Director of Legal and Public Advocacy, FIRE: 215-717-3473;