FIRE Releases Video on the Campus Freedom Network

May 5, 2009

FIRE has released a short video about the Campus Freedom Network, FIRE’s effort to provide resources and educational opportunities to a coalition of students and faculty members dedicated to individual rights. CFN members come from all across the political and ideological spectrum; they are united only in their dedication to free speech and individual rights.

In the video, CFN Program Associate Brandon Stewart and I discuss the CFN’s strategy: to work with students and faculty members at the grassroots level and help them change their campuses for liberty. We explain the CFN’s programs, which include our speakers bureau, incentive program, website, activism resources, social media resources, summer conference, and the effectiveness of these programs in bringing liberty to campuses across the country.

Our speakers bureau allows FIRE to have a physical presence on campus. The CFN website offers activism resources including tips on hosting a successful event, writing a good op-ed, and case studies on students who have been active and effective in promoting liberty on their campuses. CFN social media resources including the CFN Facebook cause, FIRE Twitter page, and the FIRE YouTube page help CFN members connect with like-minded students and faculty members across the country. FIRE’s summer conference offers students the opportunity to get a first-rate education in liberty through two days of intense lectures by some of the leading experts on free speech and individual rights on campus in the country. These resources have been effective in advancing and utilizing FIRE’s classic resources including Spotlight and FIRE’s Guides to Student Rights on Campus.

The CFN offers students the opportunity and resources to change their campuses from the inside. All of the CFN’s resources are intended to provide students with an education in liberty so that they will be empowered with knowledge about their rights and have the intellectual and moral resources to be able to advance freedom on their campuses.