FIRE Responds to Delaware’s Reply

November 1, 2007

FIRE is shocked and disappointed that the University of Delaware has chosen to defend its invasive and unconstitutional residence life education program. Our five-point response to Michael Gilbert’s reply to us is here. The evidence supporting our analysis is overwhelming, and we offer a few hundred pages of materials to those who want to see them here.
We also continue to get anonymous and signed accounts from students that support our analysis, and today we got an anonymous package in the mail containing still more “lesson plans” that RAs are, apparently, required to deliver. For instance, in the “Room Mission Statement” activity, “Each student will recognize his/her personal tendencies towards ego-centrism,” and “Each student will understand that a connection exists between sustainable decision making and active citizenship.” In the “Snapshot of Me,” students are told to reveal to their roommates “Your MOST important values: (choose up to 3),” from a list of nine (and a free-response option).
There is so much evidence, and interpreting most of it is so straightforward, that one would have to have one’s head in the sand not to see it.
To keep track of the documents and developments in this case, FIRE’s case materials are here.

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