FIRE Staffers Return from Campus Progress National Conference

July 9, 2008

As Erin posted yesterday, Will and I attended the 2008 Campus Progress National Conference in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday. It was a great opportunity to reach a highly motivated group of progressive student activists. FIRE was one of the sponsors of the conference, and Will and I were on hand all day to pass out FIRE pens and free copies of all five of our Guides while signing up students for our Campus Freedom Network. Another attraction: FIRE fortune cookies with samples of the nation’s most outrageous campus speech codes stuffed inside.

Sandwiched the days before and after yesterday’s conference were a grassroots training day and a journalism conference. With the help of some Campus Progress staffers, FIRE was also able to provide free copies of our Guide to Free Speech on Campus for the students attending these events.

Will and I had a great time at the conference and really enjoyed interacting with such a dedicated group of students.