People are loving FIRE’s comic book. Get free copies!

June 7, 2019
Finding Your Voice

Rave reviews are in for FIRE’s first-ever comic book, Finding Your Voice: A Free Speech Comic — but don’t take our word for it.

11-year-old Corinne from Kentucky put her free speech rights to excellent use — writing to us after finishing her free copy of the book, which follows the story of two high school students encountering speech restrictions. We think Finding Your Voice” touches on urgent and trending free speech topics in a relevant, approachable, and entertaining way — and Corinne agrees.

“Thank you for helping me understand finding your voice and freedom of speech,” she wrote in her letter. Corinne included a ton of great observations and sage advice for us about the book’s use of character development, tough questions, and important historical quotes.

You can read her excellent full review below.

“I really hope you take my words and opinions and use them for future stories,” she adds.

We already have, Corinne! Your letter was one of the best we’ve ever gotten. Thanks for taking the time to write to us!

FIRE is so thrilled that students like Corinne are using our comic book to find their voices — and use them to make the world a better place. That’s what freedom of speech is all about.

We know you’ll love our comic book as much as our new friend, Corinne.

Order a copy for yourself, a bunch for your classroom, or for any civil liberties-lover in your life.

FIRE’s comic book is totally free and available to order for kids of all ages. You can also download it right from FIRE’s website.

Love the book? Let us know: snail mail, email, slide into our DMs, or Insta your copy and tag us. You can also review the book on Amazon. Once you’ve found your voice, we want to hear it.

Snag your copy — or copies — of “Finding Your Voice: A Free Speech Comic today!