FIRE’s Majeed on Continuing Folly of Free Speech Zones

December 31, 2013

Our own Azhar Majeed took to The Huffington Post today to discuss the stubborn hardiness of free speech zones on our nation’s college campuses. Taking a look back at FIRE’s fight against free speech zones in 2013 and recent years, Azhar writes:

So if the cases continue to pile up against free speech zones, with Modesto Junior College merely the latest, why do colleges and universities continue to enforce these policies? A 2013 survey by FIRE found that roughly one in six universities maintains some type of free speech zone policy restricting where, when, and under what circumstances students can protest, distribute literature, or otherwise express themselves on campus. That is far too high a number to be acceptable.

It sure is—and you can bet that FIRE will redouble our efforts to lower that number in 2014.

Check out Azhar’s full article at The Huffington Post.

Image: Modesto Junior College’s “free speech zone.”