Former FIRE Intern Braum Katz on FIRE’s Guides

August 22, 2008

Former FIRE intern Braum Katz has been an unstoppable force for student rights since returning to the College of William and Mary at the completion of his internship last summer. Since getting back to campus, Braum was named Student Assembly Undersecretary of Student Rights for Free Speech Advocacy, a new student government position. He’s taken full advantage of his post, leading a charge to change William & Mary’s Spotlight rating from a red light to a green light by raising student awareness and submitting proposals for policy reform to W&M administrators.

This week, Braum wrote a blog post for The Virginia Informer touting the virtues of FIRE’s Guides which students can request for free. Thanks Braum! As he writes, "Nothing empowers students more than a legal understanding of their rights as Americans." We couldn’t agree moreand after marveling at Braum’s transformation into a powerful advocate for fundamental freedoms on campus, we’d simply add that a FIRE Summer Internship is pretty empowering, too.