Former FIRE Intern Discusses OCR and Due Process

September 1, 2011

In a blog post for Students for Liberty today, 2011 FIRE intern David Deerson discusses how the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights’ (OCR’s) April 4 "Dear Colleague" Letter erodes due process on campus. On OCR’s requirement that schools use a "preponderance of the evidence" standard to adjudicate cases of sexual violence and sexual harassment, David writes, "What we see here is a case in which unelected bureaucrats have mandated to institutions, both public and private, that they must use the lowest standard of evidence possible when deciding whether or not to declare a young person guilty of heinous acts."

You can read his full post here, and for more information about these issues check out FIRE’s new OCR FAQ.

Cases:  U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights April 4, 2011, Guidance Letter Reduces Due Process Protections