Going Back to School? Know Your Rights: FIRE’s Guides

September 3, 2008

As students head back to school at colleges and universities across the country, they should be aware of their rights and know how to defend them. FIRE’s acclaimed Guides to Student Rights on Campus are a series of five handbooks that provide a thorough overview of student rights relating to free speech, religious liberty, due process, student fees and funding, and first year orientation and thought reform. The Guides provide information about the rights students enjoy and how to preserve them, as well as an introductory education in the foundational principles of a free society. 

FIRE’s Guide to First-Year Orientation and Thought Reform is especially important as students head back to school. Torch readers who followed FIRE’s case at the University of Delaware are aware of the extent to which universities will go to mandate beliefs. Students shouldn’t go back to school without this important primer on freedom of conscience. A number of enterprising students are passing out this Guide through Students for Liberty, a national student organization dedicated to spreading ideas about liberty. Students interested in passing out Guides or otherwise educating their fellow students about their rights should e-mail cfn@thefire.org.

All of FIRE’s Guides can be downloaded free from FIRE’s website. Hard copies are available free upon request to students and faculty members.