Greg in ‘Huffington Post’ on FIRE’s ‘U.S. News’ Ad

August 31, 2010

Corresponding with today’s release of our annual U.S. News & World Report ad about the "worst of the worst" colleges for free speech, FIRE President Greg Lukianoff has a new article up on The Huffington Post. In his article, Greg discusses the outrageous case of Binghamton University social work master’s student Andre Massena, who is featured in FIRE’s ad:

In this age of campus obsession with sensitivity above all else, some of you might think that criticizing a university professor could rightfully land a student in hot water. But colleges and universities must not insulate themselves from serious controversy, hurt feelings, or all the normal abrasions of the serious business of education. Here, a student was exercising his First Amendment right to criticize the university’s decision to hire a professor he believed had played a role in kicking poor people out of their homes. For that he was suspended, assigned to confess his sin against the university and to repudiate his deepest belief in justice, and faced with what seemed like an inevitable expulsion. All of this was not only morally wrong but shockingly unconstitutional behavior by the Department of Social Work.

Greg also encourages his readers to learn more about all of the schools on FIRE’s Red Alert list and to read about what landed each of them in hot water with FIRE. As Greg states:

Prospective students, their parents, and alumni aren’t the only ones who should be watching to ensure that our nation’s universities respect free speech and academic freedom.

Indeed, this is an issue about which each and every one of us should be concerned. Be sure to check out Greg’s full post here.