Greg’s Anthem Film Festival Award Acceptance Speech — The Long Version!

July 17, 2012

At the conclusion of FreedomFest this weekend, FIRE President Greg Lukianoff took the stage to accept the 2012 Award for Best Short Documentary at the Anthem Film Festival for FIRE’s film Don’t Mess with Firefly! How Scifi Fans Made a Campus Safe for Free Speech. The documentary, directed by Ted Balaker, tells the true story of a university professor who was investigated as a potential threat by the University of Wisconsin–Stout for displaying a poster containing a quote from the popular television series Firefly and the successful advocacy campaign spearheaded by FIRE and adopted by members of the show’s cast and its loyal fanbase to defeat the censorship. 

As it was a short documentary film, a surprised Greg chose to give a short acceptance speech: "Go FIRE! Go Browncoats!" But on second thought, Greg has more to say. Check out today’s Daily Caller for Greg’s full thoughts on the award.

Schools:  University of Wisconsin – Stout

Cases:  University of Wisconsin – Stout: Censorship, Referral to Threat Assessment Team, and Threat of Criminal Charges after Professor Puts Posters Outside Office Door