Introducing FIRE Intern Elizabeth Jacobs

June 10, 2011

Elizabeth Jacobs is a rising senior at Hillsdale College, where she majors in political science with a concentration in founding history and American politics. Elizabeth is the president of her sorority, Chi Omega (Rho Gamma chapter). She also serves on the executive committee of Greek InterVarsity, a Christian ministry specifically designed for members of fraternities and sororities. On why she came to FIRE, Elizabeth writes:

When I was going through the arduous process of applying to college, I was overjoyed at the thought of getting out of the concrete block halls of my public high school and finally reaching a place where truly academic pursuits were the norm. I was ready to share my ideas with others, hear real and passionate discourse on important issues, and participate in the exchange of ideas through discussion and debate. Sadly, this ‘marketplace of ideas’ rarely truly exists in the world of higher education, leaving students and faculty feeling helpless and afraid to fight back when their rights are compromised. Fortunately, FIRE has uncovered the truth about America’s colleges: a world of speech codes, free speech zones, and speech suppression. FIRE is at the forefront of bringing back individual rights to America’s campuses.

When I found FIRE’s website, I was immediately attracted by its fervent desire to reopen the door to true academic freedom and its mission in striking down speech codes and other methods of silencing free speech. I felt passionate about its desire to aid and educate college students and faculty about their rights. I have been lucky enough to attend Hillsdale College, a school which values free speech and individual rights. I came to FIRE to help those who have not been so lucky, hoping to aid in its mission to give voice to those who have been silenced and to fight individual rights violations at America’s universities.