Introducing FIRE Summer Intern Melissa Kaplan

June 13, 2008

Melissa Kaplan is a junior at Muhlenberg College, where she is a Political Science and Media and Communication double major. She serves as a tour guide to the college and is on the judicial panel of her sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma. Additionally, she is very active with the College Democrats and Hillel. On her interest in individual rights and her decision to intern at FIRE, Melissa writes:

My passion for protecting civil liberties began in high school during Germantown Academy’s social injustice conference. This conference truly opened my eyes to the various forms of discrimination experienced in high schools across America and inspired me to take a course on civil liberties the following semester.

When I continued my education at Muhlenberg College, I proceeded to study how the law worked to protect the Fourth Estate by taking courses such as Media Law, Communications & Public Relations, and Patriotism and the Press. Through these courses I began an in-depth study of constitutional rights, laws, precedents, and public concerns. I became aware of the philosophy, history, development, and current interpretations of U.S. media law. As a result, I declared myself a communication and political science double major at the end of my sophomore year.

Thus, when I heard about FIRE’s summer internship program from 2007 intern Aaron Werner, I became extremely interested. After researching the work that FIRE does, I applied for the internship position, and I was honored and excited upon being accepted in this highly prestigious program.