Introducing Summer Intern Virginia Robinson

June 21, 2010

Virginia Robinson comes to FIRE from the University of Virginia where, as a rising junior, she majors in Commerce and History with a minor in Economics. She is editor of the Burke Academic Review, opinion editor and columnist for the Cavalier Daily, and a member of Student Entrepreneurs for Economic Development. On why she came to FIRE, Virginia writes:

My passion for American history is what first sparked my interest in FIRE’s cause. Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to study eighteenth-century philosophical thought and its impact on the development of the American political system. The story of our nation’s founding is filled with professions of loyalty to fundamental human rights, including freedom of speech and freedom of conscience. The more I learned about our nation’s beginnings, the more I respected the tenets of individual freedom and personal responsibility that our founders were willing to sacrifice their lives to defend.

I came to FIRE because I want to help defend the rights our forefathers struggled to preserve. Educating college students about the significance of the First Amendment is pivotal to perpetuating American freedom. Unfortunately, I have found that students are often willing to censor their peers for possessing differing viewpoints. This occurred on my campus when the student council unjustly denied the Burke Society recognition as a student organization. Luckily, FIRE came to the group’s defense and successfully reminded the Student Council of its duty to uphold the right to freedom of assembly. Had it not been for FIRE, I would not have had the opportunity to become a member of the Burke Society. I appreciate everything FIRE has done to protect freedom on my campus, and I am excited to be a part of FIRE’s mission this summer. I hope to go back to the University of Virginia in the fall and continue to advance the cause of freedom on my campus.