Learn From FIRE: Take the ‘Title IX, Due Process, and Campus Sexual Misconduct’ CLE Course Today!

June 23, 2016

Earlier this week, FIRE’s Samantha Harris taught a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course for Lawline titled “Title IX, Due Process, and Campus Sexual Misconduct.”

If you weren’t able to catch the course live, it’s now available for download from Lawline’s website for $59. Eighteen states currently offer CLE credit for taking the course.

Why is it important that attorneys take the course? From the course description:

Attorneys are increasingly being asked to assist students in campus judicial proceedings, particularly those involving sexual misconduct. If you get such a phone call, you may wonder why colleges are handling these cases to begin with, and you may be uncertain of what assistance you can provide in this extrajudicial setting. While college judiciaries are not courts of law, students—particularly those at public universities—are entitled to some measure of due process, which campus courts do not always provide. This course, led by attorney Samantha Harris, will help attorneys gain an understanding of this unique setting and the role an attorney might play in helping a student accused of sexual misconduct obtain a fair hearing on campus.

Head over to Lawline to take Sam’s “Title IX, Due Process, and Campus Sexual Misconduct” course today!