This Academic Year, Colleges Should Eliminate Speech Codes — or Prepare for Their Day in Court

By September 2, 2014

By Azhar Majeed at The Huffington Post

One would think that American colleges and universities do not need many added incentives to uphold the free speech rights of their students and professors. After all, protecting freedom of speech on campus meets universities' legal obligations under the First Amendment (in the case of public institutions) and honors institutional promises of free speech made in official handbooks and materials (in the case of private schools). Doing so allows students and faculty members to exchange diverse viewpoints with one another and to learn from their fellow classmates or colleagues. And it ultimately benefits us all by allowing society to reap the benefits of a true "marketplace of ideas" on campus, where ideas battle it out and get tested...

Schools: Ohio University Chicago State University Modesto Junior College Citrus College University of Hawaii at Hilo Iowa State University