Anti-bias policy that’s silly

August 18, 2004

It's tough being a liberal.


I can hardly get through the day without my knee jerking or my heart bleeding. But sometimes the hardest part is staying in step with the liberal marching band.


For instance, it's easy to say that discrimination is wrong, wrong, wrong. Oops, there goes my jerking knee again.


Except that it isn't always wrong. Sometimes it's just fine.


Let's say that you are a Filipino student at UNC-Chapel Hill. It is a long hike from Chapel Hill to Manila, so you and some Filipino friends form a Philippine Students Association. You meet at the Student Union for native meals, to listen to music, watch movies or to just chase away the homesickness...

Schools: University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill Cases: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Denial of Freedom of Association for Christian Fraternity