ATROCIOUS Colleges for Free Speech

August 20, 2015

By Alex Pfeiffer at The Daily Caller

Colleges in America are ultra-politically-correct breeding grounds for the suppression of speech. It’s an awful and embarrassing state of affairs for a country which purports to offer freedom of expression.

This past academic year, these schools were some of the most awful dumps for freedom.

Dixie State University is getting sued by student members of Young Americans for Liberty with assistance from The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) for violating First Amendment rights. In March, the taxpayer-funded university in the southwest corner of Utah refused to approve flyers from Young Americans for Liberty that negatively portrayed Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Che Guevara. The school’s flyer policy states, “Materials may not single out any individual group(s) or entities in a derogatory manner.” The school also suppressed the formation of a sorority in 2013 because it has banned clubs with the Greek alphabet in their names. Students of Phi Beta Kappa certainly shouldn’t apply and hopefully won’t apply to Dixie State...