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Attorney Harvey Silverglate fights with FIRE

By February 1, 2009

After fighting Harvard University for years over its campus speech policies, 66-year-old civil liberties attorney Harvey Silverglate is ready to beard the lion in its den to force change at the nation's most influential university.

Silverglate will seek a spot on the school's powerful 30-member board of overseers, one of its two governing bodies. Its members are elected by the school's alumni.

"I hope to make Harvard a better place," said Silverglate, a Harvard Law School grad, who needs 219 signatures from Harvard degree-holders to appear on the ballot. "It saddens me that Harvard persists in having, and enforcing, its speech codes, where students get in trouble for telling a joke or engaging in satire or parody deemed offensive to some ethnic, religious, racial or other group... Download file "5"

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