Browncoats – 1, Alliance – 0: College changes tune on censorship of ‘Firefly’ poster

By October 7, 2011

by Greg Lukianoff

The Daily Caller


Last week I wrote about a remarkable case of censorship at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Stout Professor James Miller was threatened with “disorderly conduct” for posting outside his office door a quote from the beloved, yet short-lived sci-fi TV show Firefly and a second poster in which he mocked the college for its heavy-handedness. The fact that a college would overreact like this, violate the First Amendment, and then treat criticism of its handling of the case like a threat to the whole community was not really surprising to me. At this point in my career, I am well-acquainted with remarkable abuses of power by campus administrators. Earlier this week, my organization came out with a short video about five such abuses that make this case seem tame. Indeed, it’s not even the craziest overreaction to a wall post at a university in Wisconsin. That honor still goes to Marquette University, which censored a quote by humorist Dave Barry...

Schools: University of Wisconsin – Stout